Shortcrust pastry

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Shortcrust pastry

Post  Elsa on Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:08 am

Shortcrust pastry

(for pie most of the time i think)

for: 400g of pastry
needed :
-250g of flour
-125g of butter
-a bit of salt
-1 yellow of egg

1/ put the flour in a table (with some kind of hole in the middle... the flour not the table)
2/ add the salt and the soggy butter into pieces
4/ mix a little the flour and the butter and make an other hole
5/ put the yellow egg in the middle and mix it from the middle inch by inch with the butter and the flour
6/ don't work on it to much after it breack into pieces
7/ when it has become a ball let it rest in a cool place during 30min

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