Tarte Tatin (French)

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Tarte Tatin (French)

Post  Elsa on Tue Jun 03, 2008 12:54 am

Special dedication to Kike !


for: 8 personnes
needed :
-8 to 10 apples
-150g of butter
-150 to 200g of sugar
-200 to 250 of shortcrust pastry (pāte brisée)
-cinnamon ( facultative)

1/ make the shortcrust pastry
2/ put the butter and the sugar to warm and mix it
let it become caramel color
don't make it burn it will be yierk
3/ peel and cut the apple in big pieces and put it in a butter-mussel
4/ put the caramel on the apples and mix it
5/ cover up the shortcrust parsty (larger than the mussel) on the apples, and put the border of the pastry inside the mussel (not necessary to put it up till the bottom of the mussel)
6/ bake it ( 180-200°C) until the pastry is cook and the caramel begin to rise up the sides
7/ cover with an other bigger mussel when it's still hot and turn it out

tadam !

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